Botanic Garden Greenhouse Lamp
Inspired by the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens Greenhouse, I wanted to create a lamp that fit into the natural space while referencing the building's unique industrial architecture.
The form references the shape of classic greenhouse lampshades, usually constructed in steel. The glass allowed me to show the unique bulb inside, and that became part of the sculpture.
The mold was cut on a CNC out of cherry wood (fruit wood produces the least amount of smoke from sap). After soaking for a week, I could begin blowing my lamp.
The first time I saw the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens was at night; the greenhouse was closed, but the windows glowed purple. It looked mysterious and magical surrounded by snow.
The UV lights help tropical plants survive during the short days of winter. I wanted to incorporate this unique light and bulb shape into my design.
During the day, the light is off, and becomes a sculptural accent. At night, after the greenhouse has closed, the UV lights emit a mysterious purple glow to provide the plants the light they need. 
Tiny bubbles in the glass reflect the light and suggest the fog and mist present in the greenhouse air.

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